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08 April 2014 | Drilling & Blasting

The benefits of regular re-sharpening of drill bits to extend the life of button bits and maintain maximum drill penetration rates

08 April 2014 | Drilling & Blasting

A personal insight from Skelair into blast surveying techniques over the last 25 years

11 February 2013 | Drilling & Blasting

Drillers looking to reduce their running costs do not have to look much further than the buttons on their drill bits. Sharp bits make money. Worn bits lose money. It is as simple as that, as Bo...

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11 February 2013 | Drilling & Blasting

Sandvik DX800 meets Plateau Excavation’s drilling needs on US intermodal airport development

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11 February 2013 | Drilling & Blasting

Steven W. Beasley, managing director of Rock Drill Engineering Ltd, explains why buying and using cheaper alternatives to ‘world-class’ down-the-hole hammers can actually prove more expensive

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11 February 2013 | Loading & Hauling

In situations where urban encroachment places limits on drilling and blasting, ripping and loading using excavators can be a viable alternative, as Rob Sinclair explains

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19 March 2012 | Drilling & Blasting

Latest developments in drilling and blasting at the UK's largest quarry

23 March 2011 | Drilling & Blasting

Obtaining and using subsurface data to locate and evaluate potential reserves

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14 February 2011 | Drilling & Blasting

How optimizing drilling and blasting techniques can have far-reaching benefits for the industry

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12 February 2010 | Drilling & Blasting

Top-hammer drilling sees new interest in the UK

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02 February 2009 | Drilling & Blasting

Drilling and blasting operations at Glensanda

01 May 2002 | Drilling & Blasting

The impact of correct drill rig selection on downstream processes

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