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Powerful Performers

Doosan Portable Power unveil new generators and compressors

Meeting the EU Stage IIIA engine emission regulations for generators, Doosan Portable Power have launched the new G80-IIIA (80kVA) and G100-IIIA (100kVA) generator units. Sharing a similar design and characteristics to the larger G150-IIIA and G200-IIIA models launched in 2012, the new generators offer robustness and reliability, high performance and a wide choice of features to meet the needs of temporary power applications.

Of particular interest for the rental sector, the G80-IIIA and G100-IIIA generators are said to provide the greatest flexibility available in the market, with an innovative fuel tank system offering a containment base integrated as standard within the frame to ensure 110% fluid containment capacity. The generators have a standard fuel capacity offering a minimum of 12h of autonomous operation (at 75% load), while a 24h onboard fuel tank configuration is available as an option.  

As fuel quality and storage are major concerns for rental companies, routine fuel tank maintenance has been simplified with special attention to the tank cleaning and port draining processes. A three-way fuel supply valve is available, as a modular option, which, when linked to an external fuel connection module, provides maximum autonomy. A manual engine oil sump pump option is also available.

Safe and easy access to operation and maintenance areas has been a priority throughout the design of the new generators. Accessibility to key areas, including the centrally positioned lifting eye, engine radiator compartment and maintenance points, has been improved. In addition, air flow has been optimized throughout the generator unit to meet cooling requirements for locations with high ambient temperatures, without detracting from the electrical output performance. Also, the sound-attenuation LwA rating of the generators meets or exceeds the relevant European regulations.

A user-friendly feature is the electrical control and power compartment, which has been designed to meet the highest safety, reliability and flexibility requirements. All control functions are grouped together on a common, simple-to-use operator control panel with easy-to-read analogue gauges displaying critical operating parameters at a glance.

A digital control panel version, offering extended parameter measurements and historical storage of events and alarms, is available as an option. A new switchable dual-frequency 50/60Hz feature is available with the digital controller. The new generator units are EU Stage IIIA emission compliant at both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies.  

The power supply pedestal features, as standard, a busbar connection with electrical protection and an adjustable earth-leakage relay. A grounding/neutral regime selection module is available as an option. 

The output performance stability of the generators is ensured by an efficient powertrain featuring a combination of John Deere Stage IIIA engines and Leroy Somer alternators. The  Leroy Somer alternators utilize the AREP excitation system for best-in-class motor-starting performance, particulaly in applications with high start-up demands.  

To increase long-term reliability in harsh environments, the G100-IIIA generator features, as standard, ‘heavy-duty’ protection for the rotor and stator windings (optional on the G80-IIIA model).

New compressors

Doosan Portable Power have launched the new 21/220 large Stage IIIB portable compressor.  Powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine, which provides 254kW (340hp) of power at 1,800 rev/min and uses exhaust ‰ gas recirculation (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) technologies to meet the Stage IIIB regulations, the 21/220 compressor produces a free air delivery of 21.5m3/min at an operating pressure of 21.0 bar.

The 21/220 model is part of a new family of large Doosan portable compressors based on a common platform that also includes the new 9/275, 9/305, 12/250 and 17/240 models, and offers free air deliveries from 21.5 to 30.0m3/min at operating pressures from 8.6 to 21.0 bar.

All the new compressors feature the Cummins QSL9 engine, which provides 227kW (304hp) of power in the 9/275 model and 254kW (340hp) in the 9/305, 12/250, 17/240 and 21/220 models. Several additional features, such as multiple air outlets, a bunded environmental base offering 110% containment, central drains, forklift slots and tie-down points, have been incorporated as standard in these units.

With a length (drawbar up/drawbar down) of 4,408/5,841mm, a width of 2,120mm and height of 2,497mm, the 21/220 compressor and the others in the range are 31cm shorter than the current Stage IIIA models, meeting a customer preference for both compact size and easy serviceability. The reduced size also offers advantages for truck-mounted configurations for the compressors.  

For improved serviceability, a wide opening rear canopy, together with a removable panel, provide easy access to the radiator from either side for cleaning. The gull-wing doors and drop-down side panel also provide ease of access to the unit, facilitating service, inspection and repair.

The right side of the engine compartment offers convenient, easy access to the central drains, oil filters, fuel filters and separator tank. The separator tank has a swinging lid which allows removal of the element without any further dismantling of the body. The left side of the engine compartment offers easy access to the engine oil filter, coolant conditioner, batteries and battery switch, the aftercooler (optional) and additional filters.

The low level, wide mouth fuel filler is well positioned and allows refuelling from a jerrycan, although an optional filler neck can be placed on the other side or even on both sides of the unit if preferred. The compressors come, as standard, on a wagon wheel-style running gear system, but the customer has the option of either a new fast-tow option, which allows the unit to be towed on public roads, or the ‘no-wheels’ chassis option, where the machine is supplied in a permanent mount configuration.

The compressors have an entirely new operator interface with an intuitive joystick control and a full-colour digital display. The new system is easy to read and offers a choice of gauge and display styles, integrated e-reader library pre-loaded with a full set of manuals, full machine status and fault code history. A WiFi interface (optional) provides live streaming of data to the laptop, tablet computer or smartphone of the operator or service technician.

Tough Tops

Doosan Portable Power have also launched new versions of the popular 7/26E and 7/31E portable compressors, equipped with the ‘Tough Top’ polymer canopy. As well as offering durability, the Tough Top canopy is non-corrodible and can be supplied in customer colours. The new models extend the range of Tough Top compressors and complement the 7/41+ Tough Top model launched in 2010.  

The new 7/26E+ Tough Top model supplies 2.5m3/min of compressed air at 7 bar output pressure and is powered by a three-cylinder Yanmar liquid-cooled engine producing 21.2kW of power at 2,800 rev/min, while the new 7/31E+ compressor, which is powered by a three-cylinder 26.0kW Yanmar engine running at 2,800 rev/min, supplies 3.0 m3/min of compressed air at 7 bar output pressure.  

The 7/26E+ and 7/31E+ compressors can be supplied with a range of running gear options to meet local market requirements. The running gear can also be replaced by a permanent metal support if the compressor is to be truck-mounted.

The new compressors have a simple and intuitive key-start sequence, while the user-friendly control panel offers an open layout of instruments and warning indicators. Serviceability is well catered for, with easy access to all maintenance points and all areas carefully designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair.

The Tough Top 7/26E+, 7/31E+ and 7/41+ models are part of a complete line of portable compressors from Doosan Portable Power comprising 24 different models, with free air deliveries between 2 and 45m3/min and operating pressures between 7 and 25 bar. The modular design ensures that a wide range of optional equipment can be added easily, including an integral 6kVA generator which increases compressor flexibility by supplying electrical output in addition to compressed air.

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