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Worker rescued from rock slide at Mountsorrel

RESCUE services had to be called to Lafarge Aggregates’ Mountsorrel Quarry, in Leicestershire, last month following an incident in which a quarry worker became buried up to his waist in rocks after sliding down a quarry face.

Lafarge confirmed that, during a routine inspection of the quarry face prior to it being set up for drilling, two of their employees were involved in a rock slide that resulted in one worker sliding down the face with the stone.

After the slide, the man was quickly cleared of all debris and taken by air ambulance to hospital where a full body scan later revealed he had suffered no broken bones or internal injuries. He was released from hospital and back at home with his family later the same evening.

It is understood the second worker escaped with minimal injuries.

A spokesperson for Lafarge Aggregates said: ‘This incident is being taken very seriously and an investigation is being conducted, in conjunction with Health and Safety Executive, in order to try to understand the causes of the slide and the potential corresponding actions to prevent such an accident from happening again.

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