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Tarmac trial safer truckmixer design

Econic concrete mixer

Company trialling revolutionary Mercedes-Benz Econic concrete mixer at Silvertown ready-mix plant 

TARMAC have underlined their commitment to improving vulnerable road-user safety by becoming one of the first company’s in the UK to trial the new Econic concrete mixer.

The vehicle has been designed by Mercedes-Benz to enhance the driver’s field of vision, particularly on busy urban roads. It features a panoramic windscreen and floor-to-ceiling doors, providing drivers with improved visibility of cyclists particularly if they approach the nearside of the vehicle – a key blind spot on traditional truckmixers.

The Econic also features a low-entry cab – with only two steps from the ground – which greatly reduces the risk of slipping, tripping and falling when leaving the vehicle.

Tarmac are trialling the 26-tonne, six-cubic-metre-capacity concrete mixer at their Silvertown ready-mixed concrete plant in London.

Commenting on the new vehicle, the company’s national transport manager, Sean McGrae, said: ‘We operate the largest vehicle fleet in the industry and are committed to improving vulnerable road-user safety across the UK. The trial of the Econic mixer is part of our broader approach to road user safety.

‘We are pleased to be working with vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to trial this revolutionary new safety design. As an industry, it’s important that we continually explore opportunities to drive improvements in this area.’

In addition to a commitment to vehicle safety features, Tarmac are providing enhanced training for drivers and supporting their contract hauliers with the necessary technical support and education to make both adaptations to vehicles and behavioural changes.

As a champion of the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety Standard (CLOCS), Tarmac are helping to promote a consistent nationwide specification for HGVs as well as aiming to change driver behaviours by ensuring the delivery of progressive training. 

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