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Tarmac event shares expertise for future dust legislation

Delegates at environmental workshop

Environmental workshop helps increase awareness and knowledge for future changes in legislation

AN event organized by Tarmac’s Cement and Lime Division has proved a major success in the preparation for future dust emissions legislation in the industry.

Hosted by senior environment manager Dave Shenton, the environmental workshop brought together experts from the Environment Agency, Mineral Products Association (MPA), specialist testing and measurement companies, as well as environmental co-ordinators from Tarmac and CRH cement plants across the UK and Europe.

‘With legislation changes, dust emission limits have become more challenging with future changes presenting many technical challenges for all parties involved,’ said Mr Shenton. ‘It is important that we prepare for these changes, share knowledge and understand the best technology available for minimizing and measuring dust emissions.’

The event presented delegates with views from all sides of the industry – regulator, trade body, organizations developing the technology to help companies like Tarmac meet this challenge, and the teams on site managing the day-to-day operation.

As well as presentations, the workshop included practical exercises where attendees worked together in teams. One session entitled ‘How much is 1mg?’ helped demonstrate the difficulties of dust measurement at very low levels.

Dr Rebecca Hooper, the MPA’s senior adviser on energy and environment, said: ‘It was an extremely useful event and I learned so much that I can use in supporting MPA members. The range of speakers was excellent and their presentations were based on operational practice, which made the content relevant and accessible.

‘It was great to see an Environment Agency representative presenting, as well as industry experts. The hands-on elements of the day were really helpful in providing context for the presentations.’

Dave Shenton concluded: ‘Positive feedback from all the delegates has shown that a constructive and transparent discussion like this increases awareness and knowledge, helps us improve day-to-day practices at plants, and supports our goal of being a responsible operator in the industry.’

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