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Tagless proximity warning system

Dave Thomas

Proximity warning system specialists ZoneSafe add new tagless systems to product portfolio

PROXIMITY warning system specialists ZoneSafe have modified their tag-based warning and alert system technology to offer customers greater flexibility when sourcing proximity-based safety solutions. 

By adapting their existing technology, ZoneSafe can now offer customers a fully tagless option, making it easier for businesses to ensure worker safety in dangerous environments without the need to tag personnel.

The adaptation of ZoneSafe’s tag-based system means visitors and office-based staff can enter and exit high-risk operational areas safely without the need to be tagged.

The tagless system, which operates by using RFID technology, is attached to fixed locations and vehicles rather than people, making it possible to secure crossings and walkways for all personnel.

Using audible and visual alerts, the tagless system ensures enhanced safety at boundaries and crossing points for staff entering high-risk areas by delivering vehicle-activated signage and alerts. The system can also integrate a traffic light system or automatic gate locking, depending on customer needs.

ZoneSafe’s general manager, David Thomas (pictured), said: ‘At ZoneSafe, we pride ourselves on offering our customers tailor-made solutions that fully support their individual business needs. The tagless systems represent a natural evolution of our core proximity warning system and have been designed in response to market demand for flexible options.

‘We are fully committed to delivering safety technology that meets the changing needs of our customers. By designing and manufacturing our solutions in house, we have the flexibility to treat each business as an individual, adapting our technology to meet exacting requirements.

‘ZoneSafe systems use RFID technology to create an invisible 360° detection zone around vehicles, crossings and walkways. Our ultimate goal is to create safe working environments, and by taking a consultative approach, we can use our expertise to deliver a truly customer-focused solution.’

Launched in 2003 by parent company Avonwood Developments Ltd, ZoneSafe have been delivering their state-of-the-art safety solutions to industries across the manufacturing, waste, recycling, logistics utilities and construction sectors for almost 17 years.

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