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Steward Transport choose Charlton

Volvo FH 6x2 drawbar rigid truck

Kent-based brick and block carrier opts for Charlton bodies on eight new Volvo FH and FM trucks

HAVING previously built many of their own truck bodies, brick and block carriers Steward Transport recently turned to Charlton to deliver all the bodies for their eight-truck fleet update programme. The order, to provide bodies and cranes for five Volvo FH 6x2 drawbar rigids and three FM 8x2s, was the first time Steward had opted for the Charlton product. 

Director Jamie Steward commented: ‘Last year we decided to make a big investment in new vehicles, ordering eight new trucks in one go. As a result, it became obvious that we would need to work with a bodybuilder who had proven expertise in our field. Charlton have an excellent reputation for providing top-quality bodies for brick and block work, so you might say our choice was almost automatic.’

Based at a five-acre site in Paddock Wood, Kent, Steward Transport currently run 22 drawbar rigids, 10 eight-wheelers and eight artics, almost all being Volvos supplied by MC Truck & Bus of Maidstone.

Splitting the fleet between these three vehicle types gives Steward the maximum possible versatility in delivering their products, with the artics generally doing full-load drops, the shorter eight-wheelers doing inner-city work in London, and the drawbars, with or without their trailers, offering the option of both.

Looking at the five new 6x2 FHs in more detail, their 6.25m long Charlton platform bodies feature fully aluminium construction including cross-members, headboard and a 6mm heavy-duty floor. Each truck also features a remote-control, rear-mounted HMF crane giving full reach over both truck and trailer. Running at 44 tonnes gross weight, the trucks provide an easy 28 tonnes payload.

‘What we really appreciate about Charlton is that as well as building a top-quality body they also have the complete range of engineering skills to deliver a finished truck that’s immediately ready for work,’ commented Mr Steward. ‘Drawbar vehicles with cranes are highly specialist in terms of both hydraulics and electrics, in addition to their requirements for subframes, crane plates and all the necessary couplings to the trailers.’

Charlton sales director Andrew Gunn added: ‘We are delighted that Steward Transport came to Charlton to body their latest eight trucks. As one of the leading transport companies in their field, we greatly appreciate their trust in us being able to deliver the full package of their requirements. Steward Transport offer us an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the full range of Charlton’s engineering skills and customer service.’

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