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Spillard unveil new HD range of safety systems

Latest technology helps recycling contractors reduce blind spots and improve all-round visibility during vehicle movement

ACCORDING to Wolverhampton-based Spillard Safety Systems, an increasing number of companies in the recycling and waste-management sectors are investing in mobile safety systems to protect the public and their staff.

The firm believes this is down to the businesses wanting to ensure drivers of their vehicles are not susceptible to any blind spots when doing their jobs and also a growing desire to protect themselves against expensive legal cases when accidents happen.

Earlier this month, Spillard attended RWM 2017 and as part of their exhibits, they unveiled the new Optronics HD range of safety systems, including the Optronics Foresight unit. The company says it has already seen a rise in orders for highly sophisticated camera systems from recycling and waste-management firms that run large fleets of vehicles and are constantly striving to improve safety on the roads for all.

The Spillard Optronics range has been specially developed to deliver solutions with high-definition capabilities; providing users with crystal clear vision and state-of-the-art recording capabilities.

‘Over the last 12 months we have supplied products that have been installed on vehicle fleets for utility companies, waste-management specialists and recycling firms, and they are already reporting fewer incidents and examples where our camera systems have proven they were not responsible for incidents,’ explained Peter Spillard, managing director.

In the past 25 years, Spillard Safety Systems has been, and continues to, champion the removal of ‘blind spots’ in the construction, quarrying and now waste sectors. The company currently supports more than 100 different customers with the latest mobile safety equipment, while also working with various groups to educate them on the dangers of poor visibility.

One of the Spillard’s biggest success stories is their partnership with S&B Waste Management & Recycling. What originally started as a test of one product has resulted in more than 25 vehicles being fitted with a range of Spillard solutions after an increase in productivity.

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