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Sheehan Group upgrade CDE waste-recycling plant

Sheehan's recycling plamt

Company adds density separation technology to produce higher-quality recycled sand

THE Sheehan Group have completed a major upgrade to their CDE wet-processing plant at Dix Pit, on the outskirts of Stanton Harcourt, in Oxfordshire.

Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement, Sheehan approached CDE Global for the latest advances in washing and processing systems, so they can further improve the quality of recycled sand and aggregates produced from construction and demolition (C&D) waste.

Working closely with Sheehan, CDE have added their patented Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU) to the existing waste-recycling plant. Designed specifically for density separation, CFCU technology allows the efficient removal of fine organics, lightweights (0.063mm to 5mm) and the maximum amount of silt from coarse and fine sand, whilst maximizing the quality of the recycled sands produced.  

Tara Sheehan, finance director for Sheehan Group, said: ‘We are always looking at how new technology and innovations can help us be more sustainable and offer more environmentally friendly recycled products in the market.

‘By working closely with CDE we have been able to add an additional wash unit to the wet-processing plant, which means we can produce an additional high-quality sharp sand for contractors that purchase in bulk. Our investment further supports sustainable construction and the circular driven economy in Oxfordshire, which is crucial to our environment.’

Sean Kerr, chief operating office for CDE Global, added: ‘We are delighted to work with the Sheehan Group on further improving the quality of their recycled sands. They wanted to explore technology which hadn’t been used in this application before.

‘We were able to integrate our patented CFCU technology to increase density separation. And the improved sand quality that is now being produced has a wide range of high-value applications across the construction trade.’

Sheehan have been operating the CDE wet-processing plant for seven years at their Dix Pit recycling site. The multi-million-pound recycling plant processes C&D waste from the company’s own projects, as well as local third-party waste materials.

Since installation, it has diverted around 775,000 tonnes of C&D waste from landfill sites, by reprocessing it into high-value recycled aggregates.

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