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Ringway unveil carbon reduction technology

CURRENTLY being trialled on one of their existing 7.5-tonne DAF LF45 GVW trucks, Ringway say the revolutionary hydrogen fuel injector (HFI) has the potential to reduce fuel costs across the group's entire fleet by up to 20%, as well as a significant reduction on carbon emissions.
The HFI uses the excess power of the truck's alternator to electrolyze distilled water and inject the resulting hydrogen and oxygen into the diesel engine's fuel injection system, prior to turbo charging. The gasses provide a significant boost to the fuel burn within the cylinders, considerably reducing fuel consumption.

Other benefits include reduced NOx and unburnt fuel particulate exhaust output, resulting in cleaner and more efficient running, which, in turn, reduces maintenance costs.

The HFI has been developed in partnership with Haswell Ltd. Simon Haswell, director, said: ‘If the 20% savings in fuel projected are achieved Ringway would reduce the annual running costs to their business by around £30,000 a week and have lower CO2 outputs by 16.7% based on a 20% fuel gain.’

Richard Carson, group plant and fleet manager at Ringway, added: ‘This innovation truly has the potential to achieve fuel efficiency savings for Ringway, the wider Eurovia Group and our clients, while reducing the impact on the environment. Current trial results are looking very promising.’

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