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ProStack mobile bulk-handling solutions

Hornet 10-12 bulk reception feeder

Terex bring new range of advanced mobile equipment to the bulk material handling sector

TEREX have launched their new ProStack mobile equipment range, which comprises a comprehensive portfolio of products to meet the needs of high-capacity bulk material handling and product stockpiling in industries such as aggregates, mining, ports and recycling.

Steven Aiken, global product line director of ProStack, said: ‘ProStack is a tailored range of mobile bulk-handling solutions that includes feeders, telescopic conveyors and truck unloaders – products that have been specifically developed and built for larger-scale bulk-handling environments.’

High-performance equipment that is simple to use and maintain, automated during operation and requires minimal set-up time is at the heart of the brand, and as further new products are developed, ProStack’s focus will continue to be on moving the most amount of material safely and cost effectively in the shortest time possible.

Regardless of the application, mobile conveyors can improve safety by reducing traffic levels on site, whilst saving customers money by eliminating the double handling of material, coupled with low operating and maintenance costs.

Enhancing the existing core range of conveyors sold by Terex dealers globally, ProStack will provide a comprehensive package for customers, from site appraisal to finance, installation and after-sales service.

The ProStack launch portfolio consists of the Hornet bulk reception feeder range and the Telson telescopic conveyor range, both of which include a range of options to tailor the machines to meet customer demands.

Hornet bulk reception feeders are capable of receiving high-volume material feeds, delivering a steady, uniform material flow on to secondary material-handling systems. The Hornet 10-12 feeder (pictured) has a 1,200mm (48in) wide belt that can handle up to 1,000 tonnes/h and discharge the material at a maximum height of 3.1m (10ft 2in). The larger Hornet 15-18 feeder has a 1,800mm (72in) belt and can handle 1,500 tonnes/h, discharging at a height of 3.5m (11ft 6in).

The comprehensive Telson radial telescopic conveyor range is available from 42m (140ft) up to 58m (190ft) in length with capacities up to 1,500 tonnes/h in standard specification. The machines come in a portable wheeled format and are further enhanced with on-board hydraulic systems for quick and efficient site deployment.

Advanced PLC automation and radio remote-control of the radial, telescopic and luffing movements allow the creation of large, precise, de-segregated stockpiles; the loading of material-carrying vessels, barges and ships; or integration into existing bulk-handling operations.

ProStack products will be manufactured at existing Terex Materials Processing Centres of Excellence in Northern Ireland, with additional support and service from facilities in North America and India.

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