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NSK warn of fake bearings

Company participates in new global awareness campaign against product counterfeiting 

A NEW awareness campaign to inform about the safety hazards arising from counterfeit bearings has been launched by the World Bearing Association (WBA). The anti-counterfeit scheme will reach out to various audiences over the next three years through the main campaign website, emails, web banners and other forms of social media.

‘Our aim is to inform the public on the dangers associated with counterfeits,’ said WBA president James W. Griffith. ‘The association therefore intensifies all its anti-counterfeiting initiatives and this means information for customers on one hand and consistent prosecution of offenders through the competent authorities on the other.’

NSK fully endorse the new awareness campaign, as Norio Otsuka, president and CEO explained: ‘If counterfeit bearings find their way into our customers’ products, they will not only afflict the their reliability, but it may also reduce the safety of the products…To ensure the safety and security of our customers, NSK participate actively in the WBA campaign to stop product counterfeiting.’

Fake bearings also violate intellectual property, such as patents and trademarks, and because counterfeits look like and are marketed like genuine brands, it usually takes a trained expert to identify them.

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