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Nordgren compressed-air training on demand

Norgren training video

Company releases comprehensive suite of free online training video modules on YouTube

TO further support customers, Norgren have created a suite of free online training modules covering all aspects of compressed air as an energy source and fluid technology within an industrial setting.

From the basics of understanding the role of compressed air and the use of FRLs (filter regulator lubricators), through to explaining the functional purpose of actuators and control valves that can help optimize manufacturing production performance, the extensive set of short individual video modules offers a comprehensive and convenient training programme.

More advanced topics, such as building a pneumatic circuit, looking at actuator standards and advice on the best product selection, are also covered, whilst the concise nature of the videos mean viewers can access the programme to suit their own time frame.

Norgren’s Ciaran Crowley said: ‘We are delighted to make this essential online training programme available to customers. Available for free via YouTube, the videos are available to watch when its most convenient for the viewer. Covering a wide range of topics, they provide a helpful refresher for users already familiar pneumatics, as well as providing a useful training introduction for those wishing to learn more.

‘As well as explaining the role of the various parts of a compressed-air system, the modules also cover many helpful ancillary areas such as component selection and building more complex system solutions. For customers with bespoke requirements, Norgren’s technical experts are also on hand to guide users through system specification and build.’

The training modules can be viewed in chapters or in long form on the YouTube channel. To see the full suite of videos, visit:

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