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Next-generation SmartROC drill rigs

Epiroc SmartROC D55 DTH drill rig

Epiroc introduce upgraded versions of their SmartROC D50 and D55 down-the-hole drill rigs

EPIROC are gearing up to present their new-generation SmartROC D50 and SmartROC D55 down-the-hole (DTH) surface drill rigs, both of which share the same intelligence and automation as the bigger SmartROC D60 and D65 versions released last year.

According to Epiroc, the new-generation SmartROC D50 and D55 are packed with intelligent features that will improve operations and increase safety, such as automated drilling and rod handling and a new Auto Feed Fold option. The drill rigs are also available with a new radio remote-control system option.

Although both machines are the same size, the SmartROC D55 (pictured) features a more powerful engine and delivers a higher working pressure than the SmartROC D50, but thanks to a new advanced control system – with intelligent control of compressor load and engine rev/min – both machines are designed to deliver reduce fuel consumption.

The new rigs also benefit from a redesigned hydraulic system which not only further helps reduce fuel burn, but also uses hundreds of litres less hydraulic oil than the previous versions of these machines.

Inside the cab of the new machines is an updated and ergonomically designed working environment featuring multi-function joysticks and a brand-new touch-screen-based Rig Control System that is intuitive and easy to learn. Also, like all SmartROC rigs, as other new features and improvements are released, they can easily be installed via software upgrades to keep the machine up to date at all times.

‘These new SmartROC D50 and D55 surface drill rigs will help customers decrease operational costs and boost safety and productivity in both mining and quarrying applications,’ said Mattias Hjerpe, global product manager at Epiroc.

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