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New welding fume solution from Extractability

ECO-Cube welding fume filtration system

Launch of new ProtectoCube fume and dust filtration series under the ECO-Cube range

EXTRACTABILITY, a division of Weldability-Sif, the UK-based ‘one-stop source’ for all welding fume extraction solutions, have introduced a new series of filtering units equipped with filter cartridges suitable for nearly every task in the area of fume and dust extraction. The first products in the new ProtectoCube series have been launched under the ECO-Cube range.

Polluted air is extracted by means of a ventilator and guided towards the filtering section where the welding fumes are deposited on the surface of the filter cartridge, which is then cleaned automatically by a blast of compressed air. This detaches the welding fumes and pushes them into a dust-collection tank, while the cleaned air is recycled back to the working space without any heat loss.

According to Extractability, ECO-Cube applications are numerous. The system can be used as the central suction unit for several manual welding stations with extraction arms or as the suction unit for welding robots, cabins, extraction hoods and cutting tables.

The main components of the ECO-Cube are the fan, pneumatic housing, filter section (including cartridges), sparklatch and dust-collection section, plus the control unit for filter cleaning.

The entire system is delivered ready for connection; only the system modules need to be placed and connected. The housing consists of a stable, powder-coated steel plate construction, with the control unit delivered complete and ready to go.

The control element has been specially developed to monitor and control the filter unit. All functions can be easily accessed and adjusted according to the operational parameters. The ECO-Cube is equipped with category BIA M filter cartridges that have been factory coated with a special auxiliary filtering substance.

With extraction capacities of 3,500, 4,000 or 5,000 cubic metres per hour, and a filter capacity greater than 99%, the ECO-Cube can be purchased with a 2.2kW, 3kW or 4kW motor and the noise level with the nozzle installed is 78dB(A). The system weighs 130kg and the filter surface area measures 40–80 square metres.

The ECO-Cube’s filter unit and fan can be purchased separately as the ECO-Block and Fan-Block respectively. In addition to the low-vacuum solution, the latter can be supplied as a central high-vacuum exhaust fan that is robust, powerful and suitable for continuous operation. Delivered in a silenced housing, each fan is balanced to ensure quiet and smooth running.

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