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New volumetric mixer for 1st Choice Concrete

Armcon volumetric concrete mixer helps supplier meet increased demand for on-site mixing

RESPONDING to increased demand for on-site mixing, Brett Concrete’s sister company 1st Choice Concrete has recently taken delivery of a new volumetric concrete mixer.

The new Armcon MCD10MX-150 volumetric concrete dispenser with a Euro 5 Renault Kerax 430hp engine, mounted on an 8x4 vehicle chassis, can store a maximum 11 cubic metres of aggregate/sand and can produce up to 10 cubic metres of concrete in one delivery.

Peter Raycraft, business manager for 1st Choice Concrete, commented: ‘This is a great addition to our service offering and marks a really exciting phase for 1st Choice Concrete.’

The new volumetric mixer, which is currently the only fully QSRMC-certified volumetric vehicle in the south of England, has been modified to meet the company’s strict health and safety standards.

Mr Raycraft explained: ‘When we took delivery of the volumetric truck, we identified some areas where we felt we could improve safety, such as adding further guarding to ingress points along the body, the conveyor and the mixing bowl, and fitting a fall-arrest wire on the top of the vehicle.

‘It really is an impressive piece of work. If attempts are made to get into the mixing bowl/auger junction site while in operation, an electrical circuit is broken and the whole auger and bowl instantly stop operating,’ said Mr Raycraft.

Today, the volumetric trade sector accounts for nearly 10% of all concrete currently delivered in the UK, and the volumetric market is growing at some 2% year on year.

1st Choice Concrete’s first volumetric order was successfully delivered by in late August 2014 and the company says demand for volumetric mixing has continued to grow since then.

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