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New RDT-Master tyre for abrasive applications

RDT-Master CR tyre

Continental widen their product offering for rigid dumptrucks with new cut-resistant tyre compound

CONTINENTAL have further extended their tyre portfolio for the earthmoving industry with the launch of a new cut-resistant compound for their RDT-Master tyres for use on rigid dumptrucks.

The new RDT-Master CR (cut-resistant) compound has been developed for use in harsh, applications where resistance to high abrasion, cut and chips is required.

Thanks to a newly developed polymer meshing system based on high synthetic rubber and other selected components, the RDT-Master CR is said to offer superior protection and wear resistance while still maintaining good levels of heat dissipation.

As well as enhanced carcass protection against cuts and damage by foreign objects, the RDT-Master CR also comes with an innovative open-shoulder design for good self-cleaning ability and enhanced traction.

Continental say the new compound complements the standard RDT-Master compound, which is best suited for mixed applications on different surfaces, and the RDT-Master ST intermediate compound that covers longer load cycles than its cut-resistant counterpart while still offering good abrasion resistance.

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