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New Motofog equipment brings a breath of fresh air

Motofog dust-suppression system

Latest Motofog MF60D dust-suppression unit now available from Inmalo

INMALO, the UK distributors for Motofog dust-suppression systems, have announced the launch of the new MF60D. Voted runner up at the NFDC Product Innovations Awards 2018, the latest and largest unit in the Motofog range boasts an impressive 55m reach, along with numerous improvements to both the power-pack and water system.

‘The MF60D represents a new era in portable dust suppression with its vastly extended range, which now competes with larger fan assisted dust-suppression systems, without the inconvenience of a large generator,’ said Charles Polak of Inmalo.  

‘The unit is powered by a three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, which means all the operator needs is a water supply via a hydrant or bowser. Maneuverability still makes the MF60D a very attractive option on demolition sites where operational needs are often fluid, requiring frequent repositioning. It’s simply a great piece of kit and extremely good value for money at roughly 75% of the cost of a large trailer mounted system with a smaller 40m throw.’

While the Motofog MF60D is the latest and largest unit in the range, it is still a very compact dust-suppression system that fits easily in the back of a pick-up truck, with the benefit of a folding mast for easier transport on and off site. Lifting eyes allow it to be moved around site where ground may be uneven. 

The MF60D system works from a 2.5in fire hose connection and for its size and weight (435kg); Inmalo say it has the largest range of any non-fan assisted dust control unit on the market.

With horizontal and vertical oscillation, plus various spread pattern control, the MF60D provides a versatile dust-suppression solution for all sites and completes a range of four models, including the MFJ10, MF20D and MF40D.

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