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New general manager appointment at EPC-UK

Michell Miller

Trained chemist Michelle Miller brings expertise to EPC-UK general manager role at Bramble Island

EPC-UK have appointed trained chemist Michelle Miller as general manager of their Bramble Island operation, with overall responsibility for the facility and its 40 team members, as well as the site’s logistical, commercial and general operations.

Ms Miller brings extensive experience to the role, having worked within the construction industry before entering the chemicals sector in both technical and operational positions.

Her academic training from studying chemistry, both at BSc and PhD levels, has given her a core foundation and understanding of what happens on the ‘ground floor’, whilst her professional development has equipped her with more than 10 years’ experience operating chemical facilities, including Upper Tier COMAH sites.

EPC-UK say the new position will see Ms Miller take an analytical approach to the site’s future development and create both business and strategic opportunities that will ensure the facility continues to thrive.

A passionate chemist and keen advocate of future talent development, Ms Miller will apply a mentoring approach to her leadership to nurture interest, cultivate industry talent and encourage the next generation of managers.

Commenting on her new role, she said: ‘I’m delighted to be joining EPC-UK at Bramble Island and am excited by the prospect of applying my expertise and sharing my knowledge to manage the unique operations at this site.

‘I’ve been impressed with company’s forward-thinking approach; its ‘work life balance’ ethos and nurturing approach to employee development are both evident. Taking this position presents an exciting prospect and I look forward to delivering results and creating opportunities as I further progress the role.’

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