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MPQC Plant Operator Competency Scheme going digital


Scheme changing as it migrates from paper-based to smart card technology during 2022

THIS year, the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC) Plant Operator Competency Scheme will be migrating to smart card technology instead of being paper based.

The scheme, originally devised by MPQC as core to the mineral products sector, provides demonstrable evidence of structured training to agreed standards of performance, to ensure fully competent workforces.


The move to smart card technology also heralds other significant changes, redefining the applicable sectors as plant, road surfacing, and construction, instead of extractives, road building, and processing, and amalgamating the vocational qualification (VQ) within extractives as a single VQ encompassing both plant and processing.

In addition, the new scheme includes an improved health and safety test as standard. The test will also be sector specific, testing relevant health and safety standards appropriate to plant, road surfacing, and construction.

‘As an Awarding Body, it’s imperative that we ensure standards are fit for purpose, and the smart card technology is a far more efficient way of proving the competency of individuals to companies,’ said John Bussey, general manager of MP Awards.

‘As part of the mp connect platform, the smart card brings additional benefits, including integrating red and blue card details on the new smart card record and offering CPD e-learning to our audience.’

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