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More Thompsons tipper bodies for Holystone

Holystone tipper with Thompsons Loadmaster Lite body

Company takes delivery of two new Scania XT trucks equipped with Loadmaster Lite bodies

WITH the addition of two new Scania XT Loadmaster Lite tippers, Holystone Civil Engineering say all their trucks are now bodied by Thompsons. As with most other UK tipper fleets, Holystone need trucks that can turn their wheels to almost every type of job that comes along, whether that be muck-shifting or transporting aggregates and recycled materials. 

According to Graham Skelton, transport manager for Holystone, Thompsons all-steel Loadmaster Lite bodies are unmatched in their versatility, efficiency and reliability.

‘The single-skinned Loadmaster Lite offers the perfect balance between strength and weight,’ he commented. ‘We have all the ruggedness we need for the really arduous jobs, yet still with a 19-tonne payload capacity.’

Holystone’s new Scania XT trucks with all-steel Thompsons Loadmaster Lite bodies have also been praised by the contractor’s drivers, particularly for their ease of use and upkeeping. 

Thanks to cab-operated tailgates and a fast-acting cantilever sheeting system, drivers rarely have any need to leave the comfort of their cabs, while the Loadmaster Lite body’s smooth single-piece sides and tailgate help make vehicle washing quick and easy. 

‘We’ve long believed that running the best possible trucks pays real long-term dividends,’ said Mr Skelton. ‘There are four benefits that we want from our tippers – minimal downtime, good payload capacity, satisfied drivers and maximum possible residual value.

‘Having run Loadmasters for many years, it is fair to say that these bodies really deliver on all those requirements.’

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