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Mone Brothers staying loyal to Harsh brand

Harsh underfloor tipping gears

Yorkshire aggregates supplier continues to purchase Harsh underfloor tipping gears 

LEEDS-based Mone Brothers have maintained their long tradition of operating Harsh tipping gears, with the addition of five new Scania 8x4s – four being standard tippers, the other a tipper grab. 

For over three decades Harsh have been Mone Bros’ sole supplier of tipping gears, all of which have been underfloor equipment. Aside from the long proven benefits of their stability and safety, director Phil Mone makes a clear case for Harsh underfloors in terms of their everyday practicality and productivity.

‘A key bonus is that one person can change a ram on their own,’ said Mr Mone. ‘The process takes less than two hours, whereas with a front end gear the entire cylinder has to come apart with the use of a crane, which effectively means the truck is off the road for most of the day. 

‘A second benefit is that we’re using the same design of tipping gear across both our standard tippers and tipper grabs. Harsh underfloors are also more stable than front- end gears, reducing vehicle downtime. Whilst they cost a bit more at the outset, that sum is repaid many times over during their service life.’ 

Harsh underfloors are also renowned for their exceptional stability when tipping, particular the J100 and K110 models. A unique design is built around a very strong and rigid stabilizer frame, which allows the underfloor tipping gear to keep the tipped body closely locked in line with the truck chassis. 

Such additional stability adds a significant safety margin in any tipping environment which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of any expensive vehicle repair costs and insurance claims.

Ady Wood, a driver for Mone Brothers’ new tipper grab truck, said: ‘The harsh kit gives an extra margin of safety, especially when tipping on wet, sticky or uneven ground. As a driver, Harsh underfloors provide complete confidence in everything I do. Matched with a Scania chassis, I’m proud to have the best tipper out there.’ 

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