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Maximizing loading efficiency with RDS Technology

Loadex 100 weighing system

Company to promote its on-board weighing systems and productivity data management portfolio 

VISITORS to the RDS Technology stand at Plantworx 2017 will be able to see the company’s range of on-board weighing scales designed for optimum productivity data management. Products on display will include: the Loadex 100; Loadmaster α100 and α50; and Weighlog α10. 

The Loadex 100 is a retrofit scale designed for use on tracked/wheeled excavators, utilizing pressure and inclinometer sensors to calculate the weight of the material in the bucket, grab or clamshell. 

The Loadmaster α100 is a CAN-based on-board weighing system specially designed for wheel loaders. Combining advanced sensor technology and signal-processing techniques, the unit provides precise and consistent bucket weight information to help reduce machine cycle times and deliver optimum tonnes-per-hour performance.

The Loadmaster α50, an enhanced colour touchscreen replacement for the Loadmaster 8kiX, is an on-board weighing system for larger loaders designed to help increase loading efficiency and ensure vehicles are correctly loaded first time. 

For smaller loaders and skid-steers, RDS offer the Weighlog α10, which also benefits from a colour touchscreen display. The instrument is designed to be a user-friendly on-board weighing system, providing accurate and consistent bucket and total load results, and ensuring stock management and check-weighing operations can be controlled more effectively. 

The company will also be promoting its iSOSYNC PC software system, which allows users to control load-out operations with full inventory, productivity and traceability management. The software, which can be used with either the Loadmaster α100 or Loadex 100 on-board weighing systems, allows the rapid transfer of job information from a central computer to a wheel loader or excavator, with the resultant load information sent back to the PC upon completion.

iSOSYNC can work as one- or two-way system and is designed to operate fully automatically and without changing the loading routine for the mobile plant operator. Connectivity options include: USB; TCP/IP over Ethernet LAN cable; WiFi Ethernet module; 3G router; or 869 MHz radio modem.

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