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Martin Engineering introduce Mr Blade to the UK

Mr Blade programme

Innovative conveyor belt cleaner programme extends replacement services to UK customers

MARTIN Engineering have announced the introduction of a factory-direct programme to deliver and install – free of charge – fresh replacement polyurethane conveyor belt cleaning blades to UK customers.

Building on the successful Mr Blade network introduced in the US, the UK programme will allow Martin Engineering to maintain an electronic record of operating conditions on all conveyors using its equipment.

Data will be updated regularly, providing the customer with an operational assessment of vital components, including recommendations for avoiding costly failures and system downtime.  

Moreover, certified Martin service technicians will adjust, repair or replace the main frame and tensioner of any belt cleaner at no charge, for as long as the customer maintains a Mr Blade service relationship.

‘The idea behind the Mr Blade programme is to deliver an unequalled level of service using highly efficient, regionalized systems,’ explained Chris Schmelzer, director of Martin Engineering’s Wear Components business group.

‘The first UK van will be targeting the Midlands area, including Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, where there’s a high concentration of aggregate producers, cement plants and other users of belt cleaners.

‘With this type of system, we’re in a position to be able to deliver proactive service in advance of a breakdown, replacing worn or failing components before they lead to an event that stops production.’

The Mr Blade UK programme is based on a central warehouse approach – a home base from which vans can be at virtually any customer within an hour or two. The cutting and milling of blades to suit any application will be handled at the warehouse, with final adjustments and custom fitting on site.

‘Our technicians will still make frequent customer visits and perform Walk-the-Belt inspections to collect operational data. They’ll provide scheduled reviews of belts, cleaners, tracking, chutes, dust control and other components to maximize productivity and reduce downtime,’ said Mr Schmelzer.

‘But now we’re also capturing very detailed information as to how the products are performing, which allows us to even better anticipate customer needs and maintain all belt cleaners in optimum condition.’

According to Mr Schmelzer, eliminating the need to stock replacement blades will be a relief to most managers, and with this programme they can do that and still obtain fresh blades that deliver optimum performance.

‘Shifting that responsibility to a trusted vendor through this kind of service relationship is one way that bulk handlers can continue to streamline their operations, while obtaining better cleaning efficiency and safety at the same time,’ he said.

‘Customers can be confident that the blade and assembly are being serviced properly, ensuring maximized benefit from their belt cleaners.’

Mr Blade vans are designed as mobile business units, with technicians able to electronically enter and update data on each customer system at the site. With a lifetime record of all belt cleaning equipment, customers will have access to details on the mounting assembly, tensioner and blade wear life, along with total annual cost information for budgeting purposes.

Each vehicle will be equipped with the business tools and software to provide quotations on the spot, and all will have credit card transaction capabilities to deliver a convenient customer experience.  

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