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Latest bucket connection system from RUD Chains

2WIN bucket connect system

RUD Chains Ltd have introduced a new bucket connection system 2WIN, designed to provide improved performance benefits over traditional bucket connect systems.

The 2WIN system, part of the company’s BULKOS conveyor system for bulk materials handling, represents a major change from traditional bucket connection systems. One of the shortfalls of the traditional system is that it requires the chain to be cut then inserted into a D-type shackle at each bucket. This single-link connection has to support the full weight of the system, sometimes creating dimensional differences in the brackets and chain that, in turn, can result in low efficiency and noisy operation.

The 2WIN system allows buckets to be installed without cutting the chain. The attachment fastens to the chain, spreading the bucket weight across three links, which, according to RUD, results in a number of significant performance advantages:

  • Compact attachments that fit directly onto the bucket with a simple bolt-on connection.
  • Continuous chain strands create smoother operation – leading to reduced wear rates on the drive components and bucket attachments.
  • Better engagement characteristics with sprocket and reversing wheels – delivering improved power consumption and extending drive component service life.
  • Full compatibility with existing chain-type systems and DIN standard buckets.
  • Components are all designed for the simple conversion of existing belt and DIN system chain bucket elevators.

The 2WIN connection has been designed to create a superior bucket elevator solution for all material handling applications.

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