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Lake International Technologies become Experse


Mining explosives specialists AECI rename their emulsifier subsidiary in line with key product brand name

AECI have renamed their emulsifier subsidiary Lake International Technologies as Experse, adopting the name of the parent company’s key product range. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa with offices in Europe, South America, Australia and China, Experse specialize in polymeric emulsifiers for mining explosives, as well as manufacturing coating agents for fertilizers and chemicals used in industrial processes.

In addition to the name change, Experse have opened a new Scandinavian office in Örebro, Sweden. The office will be headed by Bengt Folkesson, who has joined the company from EPC Nordic where he was production and safety director.

‘It is an exciting time for the company,’ said Clive Dawkins, business manager for Experse. ‘We are delighted to welcome Bengt to the team, as Scandinavia represents the largest emulsion explosives market in Europe.’

The company is known for innovative solutions for the emulsion explosives industry and places great emphasis on its customized approach and patented emulsifier technologies.

Experse’s unique technology allows customers to use waste oil in their emulsion explosives, cutting costs and logistics demands. The business has also developed super concentrated, thickening and ultra-low temperature products to solve specific explosives problems around the world.

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