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Lafarge Cement launch new CEM II blend

Endure SR cement

Aggregate Industries bolster bulk cement line with high-performance, low-carbon Lafarge Endure SR

LAFARGE Cement, part of Aggregate Industries, have launched Lafarge Endure SR – a new high-performance, low-carbon, CEM II-blend cement.

Whilst traditional CEM I blends use virgin clinker to produce the finished cement, Lafarge Endue SR blends Portland fly ash (PFA) with clinker, which results in lower embodied CO2, as well as improved plastic and hardened properties when used in concrete.

Another benefit of using Lafarge Endure SR over a CEM I blend is its suitability for all ground types. Whilst sulphates in the ground can negatively impact CEM I blends, Lafarge Endure SR is resistant to sulphates, allowing contractors and suppliers to scope a wider variety of projects including those that may have previously been hindered by ground type.

Once hardened, Lafarge Endure SR can be used to DC-4 durability standard and can help increase the life of a structure thanks to its resistance to carbonation and chloride and sulphate attack, making it suitable for almost any situation, from producing ready-mixed and precast concrete, to marine, grouting and tunnelling applications.

Steve Curley, commercial director at Aggregate Industries, said: ‘As its name suggests, Lafarge Endure SR is designed to dramatically increase the longevity of the concrete it forms a part of. It is a great solution for contractors who want to reduce the environmental impact of their build while simultaneously improving its lifespan.

‘In addition to its lower embodied CO2, Lafarge Endure SR uses 10% less water than CEM I to reach workable consistency and offers improved pumpability and mixing efficiency. Each of these benefits adds up to a cement that is truly forward-thinking.’

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