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Kinshofer purchase Schaeff cutter business from Atlas

Kinshofer drum cutter

Acquired transverse cutter attachments to be rolled out globally and rebranded under Kinshofer name

ATTACHMENT specialists Kinshofer have acquired Atlas GmbH’s transverse cutter business and will market the products globally under the Kinshofer name as WS-Series drum cutters. 

Kinshofer say the new product line for excavators and loader cranes will allow them to expand their sales to customers in various industries, including tunnelling and mining. The drum cutter range will also give contractors (in the construction and demolition sectors) added convenience, with access to a broader range of attachments from one manufacturer.

The company will service units sold by Atlas with technical support and spare and wear parts available through its dealer network. Atlas have divested their cutter business to Kinshofer to focus on manufacturing cranes and excavators.

‘Kinshofer are just as committed to quality and performance as us, and are poised to take the product to new heights,’ said Brahim Sitiou, president and chief executive officer of Atlas GmbH. ‘This change is not only good for both companies, but customers as well. They want one manufacturer they can go to for their attachment needs and this transition gives them that.’

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