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Joest South Africa launch two new product ranges

Joest unbalanced motors

New range of unbalanced motors and new exciter gearbox for South Africa’s harsh operating conditions

SPECIALIST vibrating equipment suppliers Joest South Africa have launched an exclusive range of unbalanced motors specifically for Africa’s harsh operating conditions.

Developed in partnership with an established European-based vibrating motor manufacturer, Joest say their extensive operating experience and reference base in Africa has allowed them to factor in various design improvements to extend motor uptime and improve ease of maintenance.

The new IP66-rated unbalanced motors feature enhanced water ingress protection, a rigid stator housing and an increased mounting area for more secure bolting. This is in addition to increased life and efficiency thanks to the development of a replaceable stator pack which removes the need for rewinding.

‘The overriding benefits are increased uptime, resulting in greater tonnage throughput, while ease of maintenance boosts reliability,’ said Theresa Walton, general manager of service at Joest.

‘We can confidently offer our customers up to two years’ warranty on the proviso that they enter into a full vibrating equipment service agreement with us. The major advantage of such service contracts for our customers is that we are not just responsible for the maintenance, but are able to offer the whole package.’

The unbalanced motors are available in four-, six- and eight-pole configurations up to 690V, with torques ranging from 100kg/cm up to 2,050kg/cm.

‘An important consideration with the new motors is that this unbalanced motor range matches the footprint of our previous unbalanced motor range in order to allow for continuity,’ said Joest South Africa’s managing director, Kim Schoepflin. ‘However, larger custom-specific requirements can be met.’

Joest South Africa have also introduced a new and completely redesigned exciter gearbox that is said to offer increased uptime and reliability, and, as a result, greater tonnage throughput.

A significant advantage of the new exciter gearbox is that it is fully compatible with the previous model sold by Joest. Moreover, the old and new model can both be included on a single piece of vibrating equipment.

Major design improvements include an enhanced housing design that provides for longer in-service life. This is in addition to thicker mounting feet and stiffener ribs, as well as rigid weight cover mountings. Also, the internal components feature improved tolerances and surface finishes.

The material is cast specifically to Joest South Africa’s specifications for robustness, while a double-flange configuration reduces installation time and configuration errors on-site, and also simplifies spare parts requirements. The exciter gearbox range offers noise levels of less than 85dB.

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