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IQ launches new geotechnical qualification

Geotechnical qualification

Institute of Quarrying develops pathway-driven qualification for members and non-members

THE Institute of Quarrying (IQ) has developed a new geotechnical qualification, providing a flexible and innovative approach for anyone working in the industry.

Responding to feedback from employers and industry professionals, and with support from MP Awards, the IQ is offering members and non-members access to the new Level 3 and 4 Awards in Geotechnical Knowledge for Managing Mineral Processing Operations.

The new geotechnical qualification is suitable for anyone dealing with quarried products in day-to-day job roles. Comprising a unique blend of assessed classroom training, site tour, e-learning modules, and a professional discussion, it is tailored to the learners’ operational environment and can be completed at their own pace.

IQ education and skills project manager Anthony Elgey explained: ‘Working closely with MP Awards, the IQ has developed a new geotechnical qualification that raises the standard and underpins the competencies required by the sector, both now and in the future.

‘One of the key improvements to the qualification is that it is now pathway driven. Learners can choose tailored modules and units relevant to the specific geology and the needs of the operational environment, be it quarry, dimension stone operation, cement works, sand pit, wharf, or rail depot.

‘The course is flexible and can be completed at the learners’ own pace to fit around busy work–life schedules. We’ve also removed the exam aspect and replaced the final assessment with a professional discussion, a great way of assessing how they put the theory into practice.’

As part of a three-tier approach, learners will attend a one-day classroom training session with an industry specialist, who will also guide the candidates on a tour of the site, putting theory into real-world context, followed by the completion of a short programme of tailored online learning. The final step involves a professional discussion, whereby an assessor will evaluate that their knowledge meets the standard of the new qualification.

MP Awards, part of the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC), is a dedicated sector-specific Awarding Organisation for regulated qualifications. It also provides assessment solutions and a range of other services within the extractive, mineral processing, and related manufacturing sectors.

For more information or to enquire about the new qualification, visit:

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