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Ingersoll-Rand launch new products

Ingersoll-Rand have launched a number of new products.

The small pavers range has been extended to include the Titan 135 tracked and Titan 173 wheeled models. These new models have been designed for laying all kinds of asphalt mixes, cement-treated aggregates, and sand and gravel in varying widths from 1.75m to 4m. Both models offer low noise levels of <80dBA, as well as very low fuel consumption from the liquid-cooled diesel engine.

The new Montabert V1600 breaker is compatible with high back-pressure excavators. With a recommended oil flow of between 200 litres/min and 230 litres/min, the breaker has two automatic striking rate levels proportional to supply. The minimum range is 465-595 blows/min and the maximum range is 650-830 blows/min. The weight of the breaker without an adaption kit or attached tool is 1,600kg, with an approximate operational weight of 2,150kg.

Ingersoll-Rand Drilling Solutions have launched the ECM-690/HC200 model, a hydraulic crawler drill designed to drill 102-140mm diameter holes to a depth of 25.6m. In tests, the HC200 hydraulic drifter delivered on average 20% higher penetration rates than previous drifters. The optimum hole size is 140mm and the striking bars are 51mm, 60mm and 63mm in size.

The Platinum range of compressors from the Portable Power Group feature a new Ingersoll-Rand diesel engine with a specification unique to the Platinum range. A new aspect of the 721/726 compressors is a belt-driven 55mm air end. By using a belt drive the likelihood of damage to components is reduced and a lower weight is achieved.

Users of the company's portable compressors can increase their air end warranty protection to five years or 10,000h by using the new ProTec or XHP505 compressor fluids and genuine Ingersoll-Rand replacement filter and air separator parts. ProTec compressor fluid is recommended for all Ingersoll-Rand portable rotary-screw air compressors operating up to 300 lb/in2. It is made from solvent-refined mineral oils combined with viscosity index and anti-oxidant improver, anti-wear, detergent, defoamant and friction-modifying additives. The XHP505 product offers similar properties for portable compressors operating above 300 lb/in2.

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