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Hymix celebrate 30 years of innovation

Hymix truckmixer

Transit mixer manufacturer celebrates three decades of engineering success and innovation

THIS year marks three decades since Telford-based concrete mixer manufacturers Hymix started out as an independent machinery producer in the construction sector.

Established in 1988, the company has gone from strength to strength to become an established market leader in the industry after placing strong emphasis on safety, innovation and ease of use for its numerous customers, who include some of the biggest brands in construction materials as well as longstanding independents.

Hymix started trading in July 1988 when they produced their first concrete mixer: the SS range. This was well received by customers thanks to its improved frame design, superior mixing performance and fairly priced parts catalogue.

During the 1990s Hymix invested in R&D that led to the launch of their rapid-discharge (RD) range: offering customers considerable savings on both time and fuel.

By 1999 the RD models had evolved into the LRD (load rapid/rapid discharge) range, featuring a modified drum which allowed for faster loading and minimized the dust produced.

In 2002, the LRD model’s many safety features saw it become the benchmark platform for minimum specification requirements for concrete mixers, as well as the basis for the UK Industry Transit Mixer Safety Drive.

Four years later, in 2006, the LRD Advance range was created as the result of a three-year programme into engineering assessment of chassis behaviour, refining frame installation, reducing weight and returning to mechanical cable controls.

The current decade witnessed the introduction of the P-Series range in 2016. Loading room was now even more generous with a full cubic metre of extra space in each drum and safety brought to the fore with the fold-over chute removed and an additional extension chute put in its place.

Last year Hymix entered into a long-term supply agreement with engineering group GKN. As part of this agreement, the company moved production to GKN’s site, boosting its component supply chain as well as increasing production capacity and reducing lead times.

Hymix say this increase in production capacity has allowed them to build a stock of new trucks to keep pace with increasing demand and ensure that concrete mixers are available for immediate delivery.

As well as increased production capacity, a separate workshop was set up following the move specifically for the development of new designs, which will allow the company to continue its R&D investment in innovation.

And if Hymix’s recently launched P2 model is anything to go by, the company looks likely to remain among the market leaders for years to come. The P2 weighs less, so can carry more, and also delivers more advanced functionality with regard to safety and ease of operation.

Nick Humpish, Hymix UK’s managing director, said: ‘For the last 30 years, Hymix have committed to innovation and design as an independent manufacturer. We focus on the needs of customers and aim to help them achieve their objectives.

‘Many of the features incorporated in today’s machines have their roots in R&D and prototype work that was begun more than 10 years ago. Application of that experience gives us the ability to deliver lighter, safer and cleaner machines that save on costs and increase profitability.

‘These core strengths are now matched with production capacity that ensures on-time delivery and a quality, fit and finish associated with a global automotive manufacturer. The combination is unique and provides a strong platform for the next 30 years as market leaders, developing new technologies for the heavy building materials sector.’

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Submitted by Philip R Jones (not verified) on

Congratulations to Nick Humpish and his superb team on achieving 30 years in this wonderful industry.

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