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Hydrema set to launch new 912G dumptruck

Hydrema 912G dumptruck

Ninth-generation truck meets latest environmental requirements with new Cummins Stage V engine

HYDREMA are ready to launch the new 912G, the ninth generation of their best-selling 10-tonne dumptruck, which features a range of modifications and improvements.

‘The new Hydrema 912G series has been finely tuned on all fronts. It has become much more than the engine update that many manufacturers make to keep up with the Stage V emission requirements,’ said Hydrema`s research and development manager, Thorkil Iversen.

‘Along with the very latest engine technology, we have made changes in areas such as safety, operator comfort and servicing.’

The new 147hp engine from Cummins not only complies with the latest Stage V emission regulations, but is also approved to run on 100% HVO (bio)diesel. To ensure the cleanest possible exhaust, the 912G uses a diesel particulate filter and AdBlue, whilst the engine has a simpler layout due to the lack of an EGR valve.

Among the significant updates is the upgraded cooling system, which has a 10% increase in cooling capacity thanks to a fully welded radiator. Furthermore, the new-generation dumptuck is equipped with an electronically controlled cooling fan which only operates when needed, thereby saving fuel and reducing noise.

The 912G comes equipped with an automatic battery isolator that shuts down when no power is required, resulting one less job for the operator who can now leave the machine without the worry of forgetting to turn off the isolator.

The engine compartment has been reorganized to allow access to all service filters and check points from ground level. Extra drain valves have been fitted to ensure easy and safe oil draining and the radiator compartment has been fitted with a new easy-access panel.

All steps on the 912G-series have been widened and should there be a need to climb on the machine, three points of contact are available to reduce slips and trips. An optional LED all-around work light package is also among the many options available.

In addition, the 912G offers an optional Webasto cab heater, which can be controlled remotely via a mobile phone allowing the operator to get the cab warm before starting operations. Hydrema have also added the option of an air-suspended, ventilated seat with automatic weight adjustment up to 150kg.

Moreover, the machine comes equipped with a Tiltometer inclination indicator (Hoist Assistance). Located in the dashboard this ‘always on’ safety system shows the operator the angle the machine is operating at both laterally and longitudinally. If the machine reaches an unsafe angle the system warns the operator.

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