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Hitachi excavator plays leading role at Satigny

Hitachi ZX470LCH-5 excavator

Scrasa use ZX470LCH-5 as main production machine at their sand and gravel pit near Geneva

SWISS civil engineers Scrasa have made a successful investment in a Hitachi ZX470LCH-5 as the main production machine for their Satigny sand and gravel pit on the outskirts of Geneva.

Formed in 1962, Scrasa was formerly a French company that helped to build Geneva airport on its first Swiss project in the same year. Scrasa became an independent company in 2007 and its 200 employees work across a wide range of projects, including the pit and its production facilities, as well as road construction, electrical utility, paving and micro-tunnelling projects.

Supplied by local Hitachi dealers Probst Maveg, the ZX470LCH-5 is part of a fleet of construction machinery that includes two ZX225USLC-5s, a ZX135US-5 and a ZX85USBLC-5. It is the only machine based at Satigny, where it plays a key role in the excavation of up to 1,500 tonnes of mixed materials per day, loading two trucks for the maximum 2km haul to the yard.

This helps Scrasa to produce 200,000 tonnes of washed materials for general building construction and a further 200,000 tonnes of recycled materials for road construction and concrete production per year. The four sizes of aggregates are 0.4mm, 4/8mm, 8/16mm and 16/32mm, and they also mixed products according to the needs of their customers and projects.

After testing the ZX470LCH-5 against three other brands, Scrasa opted to add to their Hitachi line-up for three main reasons. ‘We continue to buy Hitachi excavators that offer value for money and top quality, supported by excellent after-sales support,’ said Jean Marc Zuccalli, who is responsible for managing the operations at the Satigny site.

‘Quality is always important, because one day lost in the pit would cost us a lot of money, and so it’s important that the machine is reliable. Of course, we have to consider the cost, but after-sales is also very important, and Probst Maveg are highly responsive and provide an excellent level of service. In addition, the opinion of the operator is vital, as he will not be productive if he’s unhappy with his machine.’

Experienced operator Pascal Notelle says that the machine is well suited to the work in the sand and gravel pit. ‘There are many different layers – including compact and hard soil – but the ZX470LCH-5 is able to dig into all of the materials easily. I also have to mix the different grades by dragging the bucket down the face of the pit and the machine has more than enough power to complete this task.

‘The ZX470LCH-5 is strong, fast and smooth, especially for loading the trucks and for a machine of its size. The cab is comfortable and spacious, and I really like the adjustable air-suspension seat. I also find that the monitor is easy to use and understand for technical information, and the camera is also left switched on for safety purposes. As well as being a stunning machine to look at, it’s also very economical for fuel consumption.’

Mr Zuccalli added: ‘The ZX470LCH-5 helps us to ensure that the layered materials are mixed and, therefore, the aggregates of high quality when they are produced. The operator has time between loading trucks to sort the materials in this way.

‘It is also very important that this machine has an integrated DPF, so that we comply with the environmental standards. We are very conscious of our responsibilities for sustainability, which is why we clean the materials and recycle using the best possible methods, so that future generations will still benefit from our natural resources.’

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