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Hiab introduce HiVision for MULTILIFT hooklifts


New augmented reality vision system makes hooklift operations easier, safer and quicker

HIAB, part of Cargotec, have introduced their HiVision vision system for MULTILIFT hooklifts, to make hooklift operation easier, safer and quicker.

HiVision creates an augmented reality (AR) experience by overlaying operation guidance and equipment information on real-life footage captured by rear cameras. The driver sees it on a touch-screen display inside the truck cab that can also be used to operate the hooklift.

‘We have combined our HiVision camera technology with the latest industry innovations to create HiVision for MULTILIFT. The new system offers the highest level of safety and control of all of our hooklifts, said Jan-Erik Lindfors, vice-president of new business solutions at Hiab.

‘HiVision makes hooklift operation easier, safer and quicker, leading to less wear and tear of equipment, reduced risk of accidents and increased productivity.’

A MULTILIFT with HiVision has three rear-mounted cameras at different heights, so the driver gets a full overview. The system can detect containers and with the push of a button the driver can select guidance to reverse and lift the desired container.

‘In challenging environments HiVision makes hooklift operation easier as the system guides the driver to hook up the container at the first attempt. We are very pleased to bring this more intuitive operation to the market, as there has been a strong interest for this in focus groups,’ said Jon Lopez, vice-president of demountables at Hiab.

HiVision adds another layer of safety, as the system shows the operator whether the container is loaded and secured correctly. It also warns about any static or oncoming obstacles so the driver can stop any operation that could otherwise lead to a dangerous situation.

HiVision for MULTILIFT is specially designed to work with the recently launched MULTILIFT Ultima, said to be the world’s most advanced hooklift range.

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