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2020 / 2021 Edition

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Go-to guide to surface drilling

Epiroc Reference book

Epiroc publish new reference book for surface mining, quarrying and construction drilling

EPIROC have published a new reference book entitled ‘Drilling in surface mining, quarrying and construction’, which is being promoted as the go-to guide for knowledge about surface drill rigs, the applications they work in, geology, automation, rock drilling principles and much more.

Available in both printed and digital versions, the comprehensive 207-page book is divided into three sections – Talking technically, Case studies and Product specifications – and includes a practical fold-out with an overview of Epiroc surface drill rigs, their specified hole range, drilling method and applications.

In the first section Epiroc have gathered together 26 technical articles about applications, drilling methods, principles of rock drilling, parts and services. and other related matters.

In the second section, readers will find case studies from all around the world and can read how Epiroc have helped customers with their operational challenges in different applications.

The third section provides facts and technical specifications for all Epiroc surface drill rigs (within the 27–229mm hole range) and serves as a quick guide.

Providing a good introduction to the rock excavation industry and to surface rock drilling in particular, Epiroc say ‘Drilling in surface mining, quarrying and construction’ has a wide area of use and will be appreciated by industry professionals as well as students and investors.

The book is available to order via: (search for PMI number: 9868 0175 93).

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