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Fortis IBA appoint new general manager

Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer to run operations at company’s advanced Ridham Dock IBA processing facility

FORTIS IBA Ltd have appointed Tim Palmer as general manager of their Ridham Dock IBA processing facility.

Mr Palmer’s experience in operations management spans a variety of organizations throughout the UK and Japan where he has worked across a number of industries, including the manufacture of high-volume engineering steels, the complex and bespoke manufacture of high-value super alloys, as well as the production of high-volume, low-margin commodity items within the concrete products and plastic extrusion and injection moulding sectors.

The new Ridham Dock IBA processing facility is an advanced development facility in the South East which will soon be operational. Once complete, it will have the capacity to process 400,000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash (IBA), generating 320,000 tonnes of Fortistone IBA aggregate into the local construction market.

Mr Palmer said: ‘I am delighted to have joined the Fortis IBA team as general manager of Fortis’ latest facility. Over the last few weeks, I have very much enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know more about our business and in particular employee ideas, views and expectations of our exciting new processing facility in Kent.

‘The philosophies that I subscribe to and adopt are based on some very simple and effective ideas and processes. Fundamentally, I believe in the power of working together as teams to achieve success and security for the business and its employees.

I am also a strong advocate of visual, open and effective communication, sharing and using information throughout the organization in order to allow us to make good, well-informed decisions that are consistent with the company’s values and objectives.

‘Openness and transparency provide a basis for ensuring that people know what is expected and needed of them, helping us all to succeed and perform well. It also helps to develop and drive a culture where we are comfortable challenging the status quo and focused on delivering evolutionary improvements in performance.’

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