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Flexco introduce new inspection doors

Flexco inspection door

Company helps ease belt conveyor maintenance and inspection processes with specially designed door

FLEXCO have recently added a new inspection door to their line of belt conveyor products. The inspection doors – which are rated for use in extreme temperatures – feature an adjustable latch and silicone seals on the door and the mounting plate.

Users can tailor the tightness of the door seal to suit their needs by simply making a few modifications to the adjustable latch mechanism. This latch can also be locked with a padlock, preventing unauthorized users from accessing the enclosure.

The inspection doors are also a valuable access point for cleaning material build-up off the belt conveyor cleaners and other equipment. For safety purposes, an optional screen is available which serves as a guard to keep hands and tools from being placed in the enclosure while still allowing visual access.

‘The design is especially useful as it maintains a safe approach while still allowing access for maintenance when required,’ said Ryan Grevenstuk, senior product manager at Flexco. ‘The screen is hinged on one side and bolted on the other, so full removal of the screen is not necessary to access. However, a tool is required to unbolt the screen.’

Flexco inspection doors are rated for use in the toughest environments, in temperatures ranging from –70 to 350°F. The doors are available in multiple sizes for a variety of applications.

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