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First Volvo rigid hauler goes to E&JW Glendinning

Volvo R70D rigid hauler

New R70D dumptruck put in charge of hauling blasted material at Linhay Hill Quarry

THE first new Volvo rigid hauler to be sold in Great Britain has been delivered to E&JW Glendinning, who have put it in charge of hauling blasted material to the primary crusher at their Linhay Hill Quarry, near Ashburton, Devon.

Although the model in question – a Volvo R70D rigid hauler – is a new machine, it has a rich history that dates back more than 70 years to when the team of technical experts and engineers introduced the world’s first off-road dumptruck from the Volvo Construction Equipment facility in Motherwell, Scotland.

Now backed by the Volvo CE design and manufacturing core values, the R70D, along with other models in the range, is built at the same facility that has produced rigid haulers for decades.

‘We conducted a competitive evaluation of the rigid hauler market and as we have more than 20 Volvo-branded machines operating here at Linhay and our other facilities, considered the best choice of hauler would be the new Volvo R70D,’ commented Richard Webb, operations manager of Quarry and Concrete Products for E&JW Glendinning. 

‘The new Volvo has a long-standing pedigree with its Terex heritage and it carries on the work of our existing 18-year-old TR70, which has worked tirelessly here at Linhay. The R70D is well matched to our resident prime loading machine – a Volvo L350F that dispatches the truck in just four passes. It will be working one single shift, five days a week, delivering approximately 250,000 tonnes of material from the face to the processing plant per annum.’

Powered by an MTU Detroit Diesel V12 engine that develops 695hp, the high-performance Volvo R70D achieves a maximum torque of 3,323Nm at the relatively low engine speed of 1,350 rev/min. Moreover, Volvo CE say long service intervals and an efficient use of fuel provide exceptionally low operating costs.

Volvo CE also say that electronic integration between the engine and transmission allows the hauler to achieve smooth gearshift quality for consistent momentum and acceleration on all hauling applications.

Performance and fuel efficiency are enhanced by the integrated shift-pattern system, which includes two transmission-shift schedules – Power and Economy – for tailored performance in all hauling conditions. The operator can pre-select the transmission operating mode to adapt to varying haul loads.

Meanwhile, the hydraulic systems provide necessary flow for cooling and actuation systems that provide the required productive performance for quick cycle times and efficiencies.

Offering good material retention, the R70D’s abrasion-resistant, 41.5 cu metre high-capacity body is made of HARDOX 400 steel with exhaust heating to ensure clean dumping and minimal material carryback. It offers a maximum payload of 65 tonnes.

Straightforward in design, the R70D is equipped with a frame assembly that incorporates a reserve of structural strength well beyond the requirements of the most demanding job site conditions. With balanced weight distribution, thanks to a centrally mounted transmission, and a low centre of gravity, all load impacts are equally distributed across the tyres and a maximum speed of 57km/h can be achieved through the six-speed Allison transmission.

Designed to withstand extreme structural stresses, the rigid hauler’s high-strength chassis absorbs shocks and vibrations from road conditions and load processes, for greater structural longevity and lower cost of operation through reduced maintenance. 

A YouTube video of E&JW Glendinning’s new R70D can be viewed here:

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Submitted by K.A. Brealey (not verified) on

I am sure that you have done your homework, but as for this vehicle being a new truck, are you absolutely sure, because if you check around enough, so I am informed, I would imagine you will find that it is basically the TEREX R-70 first introduced around 2001, (see customers ref to "18 year old TR70") and hasn`t changed a huge amount since, except in your photo, with the paint colour and the model number !!

I am sure there are refinements, but are there enough to describe it as such ??

Also, there doesnt seem to be a mention in the article of SMT, the current Volvo Rigid Truck Dealer for the UK and other countries......were they not involved in the deal ?? You normally splash the Dealers name around more than the manufacturer in these reports.

Final thought, and thank you for giving us readers a forum through which to comment, I wonder if the present tenant of Newhouse producing big trucks will be there as long as Euclid GB and Terex were, doing that very same thing !!

Best regards.

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