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DSC Dredge deliver their first Tier 4 Final dredger

DSC Tier 4 Final dredger and barge

Collaboration with Caterpillar sees delivery of first dredger equipped Tier 4 Final C32 ACERT engine

EARLIER this year, Louisiana-based DSC Dredge delivered their first-ever dredger equipped with a Tier 4 Final C32 ACERT Caterpillar engine. Supplied to a US minerals company, the Shark-class dredger features an 18in hull-mounted dredge pump and 300hp cutter drive assembly, and has a dredging depth capability of 56ft.

DSC supplied the dredger with stainless steel hydraulic fittings and utilized anti-corrosion building practices, as the vessel will be working in a corrosive environment. The minerals company also purchased an anchor barge fabricated by DSC, which included a Tier 4 Final engine for the hydraulic winch drive system.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final emissions standards for dredgers came into effect last year for engines ranging from 2,682hp to 4,962hp (2,000kW to 3,700kW). By October this year all new engines with a maximum power of 804hp (600kW) and above must meet US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

DSC worked closely with Caterpillar on this particular ‘green’ build, as David Ezell, OEM account manager with Michigan Cat, explained: ‘DSC and Michigan Cat utilized a strong engineering collaboration to install the first Tier 4 Final engine in a DSC Shark dredger.

‘The C32 Tier 4 Final engine is a 32-litre, 12-cylinder engine with horsepower ranging from 1,000hp to 1,125hp and 4,056 foot-pounds of torque at 1,200 rev/min.’

According to Mr Ezell, Caterpillar were able to achieve the Tier 4 Final regulations with the C32 through the use of the Caterpillar NOx Reduction System and dual maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC).

‘The robust Caterpillar Tier 4 Final engines were tested and proved with more than 4.6 million hours of in-field testing and validation to deliver the highest horsepower and torque ratings with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry,’ he said.

The DSC Shark-class dredger offers standard discharge sizes ranging from 10in (250mm) to 24 in (600mm), which are customizable upon request. It has a conventional dredge-operating configuration with a modular design for ease of transport.

According to DSC, the Shark is unique in that it offers the features of a larger dredger in a highly portable design. Available with diesel or electric power, the Shark includes a PLC operating system, electro-proportional hydraulic circuits, a high-capacity service-water system and an inline direct marine-style transmission for dredge pump reduction.

The Shark is also customizable to suite specific application and production requirements.

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