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DISAB Group train Vacloader operators

950 operators trained on DISAB’s Learn to Earn programme

Learn To Earn is a professionally developed and structured training programme provided by the DISAB Group, leading European manufacturers of vacuum technology-based industrial applications. Since the first one was run two years ago the DISAB Group have put more than 150 of their customers’ operatives through the specially designed programme.

Operator training has always been an integral part of the after-sales service and delivery of the DISAB Centurion range of vac-loaders.

Joacim Holmberg, DISAB Group’s after-sales manager, explained: ‘Since the start of the regular DISAB training sessions 10 years ago, we have trained more than 950 DISAB operators. The Learn To Earn programme is even more focused on maximizing operator effectiveness and efficiency, because a DISAB Vacloader is not only an important investment for our customers, but in the right, ie trained, hands it will deliver all sorts of benefits very cost-effectively for their customers.

‘With the huge amount of vacuum and thus suction and blowing power available, learning to operate a DISAB unit correctly is essential to maximize its unique capabilities in different situations. One of our key training objectives is to show operatives how to use the DISAB Vacloader in an environmentally-friendly way, and avoid or minimize the risk of exposure to the material being handled, both for the operator or the local environment.’

‘The Learn To Earn programme will give operators of the DISAB Vacloaders significant improvements in both their own efficiency and that of the DISAB unit. And now more than ever, not only does time mean money, but safety legislation, efficiency and environmental-friendliness are paramount.’

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