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COVID-19: Aggregate Industries donate concrete for emergency hospital

Aggregate Industries concrete delivery

Company supplying full concrete specification free of charge for Glasgow's new temporary hospital

IN response to the Scottish Government’s call for construction support on critical project work, Aggregate Industries are donating materials for the construction of the new emergency field hospital in Glasgow.

Currently, more than 400 contractors and approximately 150 health professionals are working around the clock to set up the new NHS Louisa Jordan temporary hospital within the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SEC), Glasgow.

When complete, the temporary hospital will have the capacity for 1,000 patients and is expected to play a crucial role in Scotland’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

With the focus of the construction industry on critical projects, Aggregate Industries are supplying the full concrete specification free of charge for the new temporary build.

And by following robust risk assessments and stringent health and safety guidelines, risk is being mitigated for the company’s employees, allowing the materials to be delivered safely.

Ian Waddell, regional director of Aggregate Industries Scotland, commented: ‘As a business, we feel a huge appreciation for the NHS and the extraordinary work that its staff and other key workers continue to do in helping keep the nation running during this unprecedented time.

‘We are, therefore, very proud to be able to donate concrete to the new temporary NHS Louisa Jordan hospital in Glasgow.

‘Our hope is that by each playing our part in whatever way we can, whether through providing construction materials and support and expertise in the many communities we operate in, we can help make a difference at this uncertain time.’

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