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Concrete firm expands manufacturing capacity

Elite Precast Concrete open new 7,000 sq ft unit at Kingsland headquarters in Telford

ELITE Precast Concrete have expanded their manufacturing operation with a new 7,000 sq ft unit adjacent to the company’s Kingsland facility headquarters in Telford.

The dedicated production facility will provide a number of new products and strengthen the business for future growth, which includes increasing the company’s presence in international markets such as Holland, Germany and the Middle East.

Owen Batham, sales and marketing manager at Elite Precast Concrete, said: ‘Timing is everything and in this case it couldn’t have been better. The additional space became available at the end of 2013, and it was an opportunity too good to miss.

‘It has enabled us to bring forward our plans to have a dedicated production facility for manufacturing TVCB barriers, Jersey barriers and kentledge blocks. As the unit is adjacent to our current Kingsland factory, we will be able to enjoy operational efficiencies and production cost savings which, as usual, we will pass on to our clients.’

Elite are the UK’s largest manufacturers of precast concrete blocks and the latest expansion follows a series of successes for the firm. Last year, the company officially opened its new state-of-the-art Kingsland facility – a 48,000 sq ft site featuring manufacturing, a workshop and office space.

Mr Batham continued: ‘We now have over 70,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and more than two acres of stockyard, which will enable us to continue to increase our capacity, plus we will soon be launching our new interlocking security block range.’

By adopting an innovative and forward-thinking approach, both in its production processes and sales and marketing strategy, Elite’s precast concrete products are now used by a wide range of UK and international clients, including local authorities, recycling businesses and waste management firms to build durable waste storage bays.

The blocks are also heavily used in industries such as outdoor hospitality, transport and construction where they are utilized as kentledge – a form of temporary counterweight – to hold scaffolding, security fencing and marquees in place.

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