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Compressors help Hanson to achieve environmental standard

Hanson Aggregates are using a CompAir V07 Classic compressor at their premix plant near Scarborough.

The compressor, fitted by authorized CompAir distributors Thorite Ltd of Leeds, was installed as part of Hanson Aggregates' project to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation. Over the last two years Hanson have replaced five air compressors with CompAir's rotary vane units and are planning to update all existing compressed-air plant at their sites across the UK.

The V07 unit feeds a ring main at 40cfm which provides compressed air to various pneumatically operated doors used to release aggregates in the holding hoppers. The compressor also feeds air-jet reverse filters used to prevent dust generated when filling the hoppers from escaping to the atmosphere. Pneumatic doors also control the feed of the ready-mixed concrete into the truck mixers.

The V07 compressor will be in operation 10h a day, five and a half days a week. A five-year service and maintenance contract is provided by Thorite Ltd.

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