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City Demolition keep dust out with Generac Dustfighter

Dustfighter dust-suppression unit

Birmingham-based contractors purchase new Generac DF75000MPT dust-suppression unit

CITY Demolition have taken delivery of a Generac DF75000MPT Dustfighter dust-suppression unit as part of their equipment investment programme. The order was placed with ACE Plant, Generac’s dealer in dust-suppression products.

With the safe control of airborne contaminates a priority on the company’s agenda, it needed a self-contained unit that would ensure that all site workers are protected from inhaling unhealthy bi-products during the demolition process.

The DF75000MPT Dustfighter produces a fine mist of water through a series of high-pressure jets. The mist is said to be propel on to the site by a powerful fan, covering a wide area in just a few moments, rendering the area free from unhealthy and hazardous material. The dust-suppression unit is entirely self-contained, with an onboard generating set and water tank, which alleviates the need for any additional or ancillary equipment.

For rapid deployment, the DF75000MPT Dustfighter is commonly fitted on to a site-tow chassis. City Demolition, however, mounted their unit on to an adapted hook-lift frame to ensure offloading/reloading is safe, quick and easy to plan. They also added a storage area so that City Demolition site staff could store tools and equipment in one complete secure set-up.

Keith Whitlock of ACE Plant said: ‘City Demolition are a valued client and regular purchaser of our Bundie Bowsers. They contacted us in their search for an effective site dust-suppression system for their demolition and site-clearance projects. With water and electricity supplies often not available, the priority was for a solely self-contained unit. They looked at some other products, but soon decided that the DF75000MPT Dustfighter was the most effective and reliable model available.’

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