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CEMEX Data Centre recognized for energy efficiency

CEMEX's data centre

Building materials giant becomes first company in the Americas to earn CEEDA Gold Certification

CEMEX’s data centre in Monterrey, Mexico, has been awarded the Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter (CEEDA) Gold certification, the highest recognition for energy-efficiency strategy in the data centre industry.

CEMEX are the first CEEDA enterprise Gold-certified company in the Americas and only the fifth to merit this recognition in the world.

CEMEX earned the honour after a four-month assessment process, during which their facilities and processes were evaluated on-site and remotely, to ensure their data centre practices are consistent with best practices in energy efficiency, as well as specifications and metrics from organizations and regulations such as The Green Grid, Energy Star, and the European Commission Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

The maturity level of energy programmes is measured on three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. CEMEX were awarded the Gold level, certifying a holistic energy-management programme, including automation, use of green energy and water, heat efficiency and re-utilization.

The certification period is for two years, after which an updated assessment and renewal of the certification may be conducted.

‘We are very honoured to receive this certification, which recognizes and reinforces our company’s commitment to sustainability,’ said Roberto Chaverri, CEMEX’s vice-president of information technology.

‘At CEMEX, we perpetuate a philosophy of continuous improvement that is reflected in all of our business processes and operations.’

Defined in the UK in 2011, CEEDA is an international certification designed to complement other energy certifications such as LEED. It is uniquely focused on ongoing energy-efficiency best practices and comprehensive data centre management of facilities and IT services.

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