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Case 1121F for Trezence TP

Case 1121F wheel loader

New Case wheel loader helps speed-up arrival of high-speed trains in south-west France

FRENCH contractors and quarry operators Trezence TP have taken delivery of the first Case 1121F wheel loader to be sold in France.

The 28-tonne machine, complete with 5 cubic metre bucket, has been put to work in a quarry supplying aggregates to the neighboring LGV Sud Europe Atlantique (LGV SEA), high-speed rail project, near Charente, in south-west France.

The loader performs three tasks on site, include digging from the face, feeding/emptying a crusher, and loading trucks. Over the entire three-year project, the machine will shift 11 million tonnes of material.

When the Case 1121F arrived on site, as a replacement for a competitor’s machine, significant fuel savings and considerably increased productivity quickly became apparent. According to Trezence TP, a 20% reduction in fuel costs per 1,000 tonnes shifted, will amount to a saving of around €103,000 over three years.

Sophie Bendfredj, France’s business director for CNH Construction Europe, said: ‘We are very happy to have delivered to Trezence TP, the first 1121F sold in France.

‘This first sale is the fruit of the highly successful demonstration programme that we are currently running in France, to showcase the high performance levels and outstanding fuel economy of the new F-Series Case loaders, in a wide range of site conditions and applications.’

Jacques Arnaudeau, manager of Trezence TP, added: ‘This 1121F Case loader has also proven to be 20% more productive than our previous machine. It will be of great assistance in meeting deadlines and improving our competitiveness, so that we can stand out from the competition, in particular for forthcoming projects such as the TER regional rail service and freight high-speed rail service.’

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