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Camozzi launch new high-flow valve islands

Camozzi high-flow valve islands

New compact solution allows expandable pneumatic and electrical functions in restricted spaces

CAMOZZI Automation have released a 25mm version of their new Series D range of valve islands; a highly versatile solution that allows expandable pneumatic and electrical functions in restricted spaces.

Particularly suited to applications requiring high flow rates with a robust and compact design, the 25mm, Size 4 valve has a 2,000 Nl/min flow rate and is available in both multipole and fieldbus versions.

Constructed entirely of aluminium to ensure high performance, especially in industrial environments with harsh and demanding conditions, Size 4 shares the same structure and technical details as the rest of the Series D Family and is also Industry 4.0 ready thanks to Camozzi’s sophisticated CoilVision technology.

CoilVision employs integrated electronics to constantly monitor the operating parameters of the solenoid driving the spool. Data, including power consumption and coil temperature, are automatically analysed and processed by software algorithms to determine the real-time health status of the coils.

Results transmitted from the valve island to the PLC or through WLAN to an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) gateway and on to the Cloud, can be used to predict a potential fault in the coil before it has the opportunity to cause disruption.

In addition to the diagnostics being captured on a remote dashboard, the valve body also incorporates blinking LEDs that can alert users to potential breakage.

The Series D range’s vast number of electrical connection possibilities allow islands with a variety of valve positions and different pressure zones to be created. Series D fieldbus versions are able to handle both digital and analogue electric input and output signals and can be connected to the main fieldbus protocols (PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherNET/IP, EtherCAT and IO-Link) through a new serial module.

The multipole versions are available with 25- or 44-pin connectors and valve functions: 2x3/2; 5/2; 5/3 CC; CO; and CP.

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