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Buy-back scheme inspires confidence in Hitachi

Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader

Wheel-loader buy-back scheme makes perfect sense for MJ Hickey Plant Hire and Contracts Ltd

UK-based MJ Hickey Plant Hire and Contracts Ltd have purchased two ZW310-6 wheel loaders for quarrying and bulk-handling projects. Both models were supplied with a buy-back option from Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV.

The first ZW310-6, fitted with 4.5 cubic metre general-purpose bucket, was delivered in 2018 and is working in one of England’s largest limestone quarries, near Leicester. The second model was delivered in October 2019 with a 6 cubic metre high-tip bucket and is used at a site in Wales.

‘We ordered these models specifically for these projects and to meet our customers’ requirements,’ said managing director Anthony Hickey. ‘There is a good residual value on Hitachi machines, so therefore it’s commercially viable for us.

‘If the work dries up, and you’ve purchased an asset, then you have to consider what to do with it. However, this kind of buy-back agreement lends a degree of flexibility and is suitable for short-term contracts.’

As part of the buy-back arrangement, both wheel loaders are covered by a full-package 6,000h/three-year warranty and maintained by Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) Ltd.

‘So far, the machines have proved reliable and any minor points that have arisen have been sorted quickly by HCMUK,’ said Mr Hickey.

‘The buy-back was important in our decision to invest in the two wheel loaders, and it enables us to calculate our costs over three years. It’s a good overall package, with a strong residual, and it proves to us that Hitachi have confidence in the reliability of their products.’

‘Our customers at both sites are happy with the performance of the Hitachi wheel loaders, as are the operators – thanks to the user-friendly cab. And if our customers are happy, then we’re happy.’

The Hitachi buy-back scheme applies to ZW150-6 to ZW550-6 wheel loaders. Among other conditions that apply, the machine must be in good working order, less than five years old and have worked a maximum of 2,000h per year.

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