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Atlas Copco comply with new emission regulations

The compressor engine plays an important role in the performance of the composite unit. New Tier III emission regulations, which fostered the largest ever change in engine emission technology, prompted all engine suppliers to develop a new product range. On the basis of this change, Atlas Copco reviewed their engine suppliers and undertook extensive testing to monitor the performance of compliant engines.

As a result, the company’s size 1.5 and II compressors, comprising a total of 20 models, are now powered by Caterpillar engines using the latest in Acert technology, which also confers benefits from the reduction in fuel consumption.

Tier III offers reduced levels of exhaust emissions with reduced carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Measured in g/kWh, the reduction varies according to the engine’s power rating. Table 1 illustrates the difference when comparing the 130–560kW range of compressors.

The new Caterpillar-powered portable compressors, featuring working pressures of 7–25 bar (102–365 lb/in2) and free air delivery rates up to 600 litres/s, meet the latest outdoor noise directive (OND) compliance regulation that became effective on 1 January 2006. Noise levels are set at 97dB(A) at 7m and 100dB(A) for the larger size II compressors.

The new range also includes additional features to enhance performance and provide ease of maintenance.

The integral sealed compressor frame prevents any fluid leaking into the ground. The engine sump, coolant and compressor oil drains are all linked to a central point at the rear of the unit. Individual ball valves, with safety plugs, help minimize the risk of accidental spills, while all fluids can be drained quickly and easily.

The new range features a Zincor-treated canopy, designed to withstand the toughest conditions. A powder-coat paint finish ensures durability and resistance to corrosion.

A combination of analogue gauges and digital readouts on the control panel allows operators to check the status of the unit. If abnormal operation has been detected, the digital panel displays warning and shutdown data in a choice of 12 languages. Customers also have the choice of imperial and metric measurement units. All electronic controls and wiring have been designed and built to IP66 standard.

A range of options are available including: an aftercooler package that can drive back the outlet air temperature to an ambient +10oC; an active charcoal filter package to ensure purer air; a reheater package that can be fitted in combination with the aftercooler to deliver air at an ambient +60oC; a road lighting package; forklift slots; and an upper silenced canopy on a spillage-free frame.

All models are available as tandem, wagon, undercarriage, support-mounted and undercarriage skid-mounted.


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